Dominique-Dee Jones
Dominique is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in History and Politics/International Studies.
Barbed Wire and metal sheet wall to protect a dangerous construction site.

An expensive failure: Australia’s high rate of incarceration

Politics, Published November 21, 2022
Imprisonment rates are rising, requiring greater public spending, yet community safety is not ensured

Politics and sport are inseparable, sports diplomacy proves this

Politics, Published September 5, 2022
What role does sport play in contemporary politics?

Truth and action: Zelenskyy addresses Australian students

Politics, Published August 5, 2022
It’s been 162 days since Russia launched its full-scale aggression in Ukraine. This week Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave a national address to universities across Australia.

South Australia decriminalised abortion, yet barriers remain

Politics, Published July 29, 2022
Unequal access to safe abortion services may persist if the state's new abortion laws are not properly resourced.

What you should know about Australian foreign aid spending

Politics, Published July 21, 2022
Many may find foreign aid spending counterintuitive to Australia’s interests, especially at a time of soaring domestic prices and warnings of budget cuts. How much does Australia really spend on foreign aid and where does it go?

Australia must step up at the Pacific Islands Forum

Politics, Published July 13, 2022
The 51st Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) is the newest instalment in the Albanese government’s diplomatic blitz. As climate and security tensions simmer, Australia must help to recenter Pacific Island agency.

To thwart or thaw: Australia's relationship with China

Politics, Published July 9, 2022
Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi after an almost three-year stint of non-communication between the Foreign Ministries. Will the Albanese government seek to normalise Australia-China relations or entrench them further in hostility?

Indigenous knowledge integral to reducing developmental gap

Politics, Published July 6, 2022
Indigenous enrolment in preschool has grown to exceed that of non-Indigenous children. However, the absence of Indigenous ways of knowing in early education leaves developmental gaps.
Susan Walsh/AP

The G7 leaders Summit: what is it and why should we care?

Politics, Published June 29, 2022
From the 26th-28th of June, leaders of the seven most advanced economies and democracies joined to discuss the global challenges that face the world today. But why should we care?
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Our Members Be Unlimited: the importance of unionism

Culture, Published June 22, 2022
Melbourne-based cartoon journalist and unionist, Sam Wallman, reinvigorates unionist spirit in his accessible history of workers unions.

Baxter Dury reminds us that we're his friends at the Forum

Culture, Published June 10, 2022
Baxter Dury, English musician and son of Ian Dury, graced the Forum in Melbourne for his first Australian tour.

New female AFL coaches announced as part of Women's Coach Acceleration Program

Sport, Published June 7, 2022
Nine AFL clubs secured positions in the Women Coach Acceleration Program where female coaches will work for their club and receive mentorship.