Dionne Kor
Dionne is a final year student at UNSW pursuing a Bachelor of Media (Communication and Journalism). Passions include feature writing, performing art and cheesecake.

Let's Go To: YUMIAO Cat Cafe in Sydney

Culture, Published July 22, 2022
Through the help of pet care specialists in Sydney, YUMIAO Cat Cafe extends the lives of rescue cats through medical attention and affection from patrons.
Images via White Rabbit Gallery. Edit via Raheemah Bolkiah.

Lets Go To: ‘I Loved You’ A Raw Art Exhibit in Sydney

Culture, Published July 14, 2022
The fleeting nature of a passionate affair juxtaposes the endless grief over a deceased relative in this extremely personal exhibition on lost love by Chinese artists.
Images via Funlab Pty Ltd. Edit via Raheemah Bolkiah.

Let's Go To: Hijinx Hotel Sydney's newest fun venue

Culture, Published July 7, 2022
The ever-elusive Hijinx Hotel has finally arrived and our team went to play, not stay. What do you need to know to be a guest?

Thor: Love and Thunder Sydney Premiere Hits and Misses

Culture, Published June 29, 2022
The premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder was graced by actor Chris Hemsworth and director and actor Taika Waititi in Sydney on Monday. Hoyts Entertainment Quarter saw some striking and abysmal fits, so we have the red carpet run down.
Magnolia Park in "Feel Something (feat. Derek Sanders)"

Magnolia Park Shapes Pop Punk With EP “Heart Eater”

Culture, Published June 22, 2022
Magnolia Park’s new EP ”Heart Eater” blends two seemingly mismatched genres: alternative pop and punk.

Sydney’s Love Letter Up in Lights at Vivid 2022

Culture, Published June 8, 2022
Mary Poppins has been adapted for the stage, and is showing in the Sydney Lyric Theatre at the moment. Image: Mary Poppins Promotional Image / Johan Persson

Mary Poppins Musical Teaches Us the Magic of Hope

Culture, Published June 1, 2022
Disney's Mary Poppins is brought to life in a stage musical in Sydney. Under the guidance of Cameron Mackintosh, the story is back as sweet as always.