Sydney’s Love Letter Up in Lights at Vivid 2022

Vivid Sydney returns to showcase themes of joy, hope and love, all while featuring a diverse selection of talents. Here are our top picks!


After being cancelled for the past two years due to COVID-19, Vivid Sydney returns from 27 May to 18 June 2022. Sydney’s after-dark light event shows an impressive lineup of meaningful art installations every night from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Some light exhibits follow common themes of love, hope and optimism from a list of talents with varying backgrounds. Vivid 2022 seems to celebrate our nation’s differences and projects a bright future of inclusivity. Some much-appreciated heartwarming messages are spotted in these installations.

For Sydney with Love

The production team at Spinifex Group, artist James Morrison and collaborator Camilla Done worked to develop a peek into the imagination of Ken Done. Ken Done contributed to Vivid with an animation show inspired by his beloved home, Sydney. 

Projected onto the Customs House every night of Vivid, ‘For Sydney with Love’ seems to represent the city from the eyes of people watchers. Scenes of beach-goers enjoying a sunny day are washed away with colourful patterns. Then the screen is aglow with local birds perched on an electrical line.

“The joy of colour and the great pleasure of living in Sydney. A constant source of inspiration to a lifetime of work,” Done said.

Crowded Cadmans

A projected animation piece put together by artists living with disability from the University of New South Wales tells the story of time-travellers on a mission to make their new land conducive for habitation. The characters dance along to the music at Cadmans Cottage.

Characters appear to be inanimate objects stacked on top of one another. One character is a pair of lips atop a coffee cup atop another pair of lips followed by a tail of smaller pairs of lips. Some faces of the artists are also hidden in the artwork for the keen observer. 

Lighting of the Sails: Yarrkalpa - Hunting Ground 2021

Lighting up the sails of the Sydney Opera House is arguably the most anticipated spectacle of light at Vivid each year. More than just a projection, this artwork is meant to tell a story while remaining photo-worthy at every frame. This year, the famous landmark is the canvas for artist Martu Artists and projected with the work of creative technologists Curiious.

Represented in this year’s artwork are the Parnngurr community and the surrounding environment. With brilliant colours and visuals of traditional practices and ancestral tales, the artwork is meant to dazzle and inform. This imperative knowledge plants itself proudly in its ‘gallery spot’ as the second-ever collaboration Lighting of the Sails has conducted with First Nations artists.

Endless Love

In block letters stamped across the Sydney city skyline are the words ‘Endless Love’. Artist Michaela Gleave proclaims the city’s love for her people with a massive sign that can be seen from anywhere in the harbour. The message may appear profoundly generic to the average passerby. After some contemplation, though, there may yet be a visible duality to the installation.

It is both a symbol of love and hope. ‘Endless Love’ is presented as a bold, unapologetic proclamation of enthusiasm directed at all who see it. The arch in the text mimics a rising sun, promising a brighter tomorrow beyond the horizon.

For Vivid 2022 with Love

In presenting the compelling and thought-provoking artwork of artists marginalised in society, Vivid Sydney offers a peek into the potential beauty that inclusivity can bring. And what an enlightened message to share indeed. 

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