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'The Soundtrack Of Our Lives' A local musician shares their favourite albums

Culture, Published February 17, 2022
A local musician Riley Beech shares his top five most favourite albums. These five most favourite albums have made the most songwriting and creative influence his life.

'Covid Blues' how music has helped so many during these detrimental times

Culture, Published February 1, 2022
Over the years music has helped heal so many people in more ways than one. Although, these unprecedented times have been extremely detrimental to people's psychological health and wellbeing. Time and time again music has proven that it is a form of 'therapy.' As it brings so much joy and comfort to thousands upon thousands of people across the globe, on a daily basis.
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Giving a new 'opportunity' to secondhand clothing

Culture, Published January 24, 2022
In this article Natalie talks about the utter importance of giving a new 'opportunity' and bringing secondhand clothing back to life.

'Life on the spectrum' modern autism depictions in the media

Culture, Published January 20, 2022
In Natalie's most recent article, she discusses the utter importance of accurate autism depictions in the media. And why those who happen to be on the autism spectrum deserve to be seen in an authentic and genuine light. Nothing about us without us!

The Universal Language of Art

Culture, Published January 9, 2022
Art can heal, save, inspire, motivate and celebrate so many lives. Anybody of any gender, religion, nationality or socioeconomic background can speak it. Art motivates and encourages anyone to get involved in the healing process of creating. When the voices of anxiety speak from within, so many creators and pioneers put their feelings to great artistic use. And they create. They create a world of tranquility, vibrancy and true uniqueness. A world simply breathtaking and like no other. A world of their own!

'Women On The Wireless' finding female empowerment on the radio

Culture, Published January 4, 2022
For decades, women on the wireless have been subject to sexism and discrimination. Furthermore, women have been wrongly represented in the media time and time again.