'Covid Blues' how music has helped so many during these detrimental times

Over the years music has helped heal so many people in more ways than one. Although, these unprecedented times have been extremely detrimental to people's psychological health and wellbeing. Time and time again music has proven that it is a form of 'therapy.' As it brings so much joy and comfort to thousands upon thousands of people across the globe, on a daily basis.


These unprecedented and uncertain times have been detrimental to plenty of people's psychological health and wellbeing.

Traditionally, music brings joy, connection and colour into so many people's lives. And during these bleak and gloomy times music has certainly helped many individuals in more ways than one.

Cindy Parrett

Cindy Parrett use to teach singing at 'Creative Vision Music' which is situated in Kilsyth, Victoria.

Cindy has sung in bands. She has even sung as a solo performer too.

"I believe music can help everyone," Cindy explains.

"No matter what is going on music can always bring some form of comfort into your life. Because music is the soundtrack to people's lives, as they say.

"Music helps really bring back memories of younger and sometimes seemingly easier times too. It is also so special because it brings people together in more ways than one."

And is so true! Music certainly brings people together. Whether they are clapping along, dancing, singing or sharing together a very special moment. Music always helps to create a connection between people.

"Music gives me hope," Cindy admits.

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Photograph sourced from Cindy Parrett. Image Description: Cindy Parrett singing with Cann Valley CFA Choir

"It is a way of expressing my personal experiences even if I am performing music that has been penned by someone else. Being a singer has helped me, immensely with releasing built-up energy and fear. I have to really focus on what I am playing and that allows me to live in that very moment."

Cindy personally loves to play the percussion and ukulele. And teaching others music has been such an enriching experience for her. "When a student achieves the goal of learning that piece of music or that song it really makes me so excited and thrilled! Where I am currently situated, lockdowns were less so we had community events which my choir sang at."

Cindy thoroughly enjoys seeing people smile and laugh as they perform too. Music is her life and even as a young girl she adored performing.

"I love performing and singing. That sharing energy between performers and the audience members is truly mesmerizing to witness. It is powerful and thought-provoking. And for a very short moment of time, you really feel alive and energized."

Cindy also believes that because of the pandemic many children have missed out on the opportunity of seeing live music and being taught music, in both a theoretical and practical sense.

"The kids really missed it so much that when I returned to teach the music program they were really so happy and excited. Music truly touches the hearts of the whole school and the other teachers as well. The kids always sing with passion. And in hard times, I truly believe, we sometimes can produce some of the best music of all time."

The music and the lyrics help us to release our inner frustrations, anger, love and passion. It truly is a voice like a lot of art-related activities. Quite a substantial amount of artists and musicians are individuals who have been or are constantly alienated and marginalized.

"We see so many relevant and important issues being expressed in the music world. Poverty, the black lives matter movement and many other cultures have allowed their voices to be heard through the beautiful art of music. Because music is the main part of our lives, every single day."

Cindy has also received an overwhelming and enormous amount of support for her Facebook singing videos.

"I have noticed that I have received a great response for my videos. I have received so much more support during the pandemic rather than what I received prior to COVID." Admits Cindy.

It has been fantastic for Cindy to be able to watch some of her musician friends online as they do their live performances.

Music is a great way to release stress. Music can also be used in the spiritual and or religious world. Some believe we can communicate with higher energies and powers, with it also healing and aligning all of the meridians in your body.

"There really are so many benefits of music. I would have to write a book and even then I wouldn't be able to accurately list all of the benefits." Cindy admits.

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Zara Shelby

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Photograph sourced from Zara Shelby. Image Description: Zara with guitar

Zara Shelby is a former radio broadcaster at a community radio station situated in the Western suburbs called 979fm. She is also a budding performer.

She sings, plays the acoustic guitar and the ukulele.

"Music has helped me through this time as I find it to be a way to help me express myself," Zara admits.

"Nothing is more freeing than just letting loose and escaping from reality."

When Zara was at home playing music helped her feel at peace. And Zara strongly believes that music is such a big part of people's lives because it can be used as a way to express emotions. "Sometimes it's easier to use music than words!" Zara explains.

Zara believes that music has brought many people together as it has been quite difficult to find that connection with others during these uncertain times.

"I feel music has brought many people together in this time because it has been extremely difficult to find that connection with others throughout the pandemic.

"I also definitely believe that many people use music as a voice in these trying times. It's always good to get things off your chest and sometimes music is the best type of medicine." Zara declares.

So it is quite evident that music has helped so many of us during these intense, uncertain and detrimental times. Not only has it brought us together with online concerts and zoom conferences, but it has also given us a voice in times of deep despair and disappointment. To musicians and performers everywhere, thank you for doing what you do. Keep up the fabulous work!