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Kieran is a comedy nerd, an animation fan and somebody who can either be found at the cinema or watching the round ball game.

Succession Hall of Fame - The Nine Best Episodes of TV

TV, Published March 25, 2023
Before season four of Succession comes out the Edge of the Crowd writers took a look back at their favourite episodes of the first three seasons.

Creed III perfectly explores the hidden theme of the Rocky Saga

Film, Published March 6, 2023
These films are about loss, regret, trauma and how you respond to it. Creed III does it better than ever before.

National Treasure reveals streaming's secret problem.

TV, Published March 4, 2023
National Treasure: Edge of History is at its best when it mimics the pace of the film series. On a streaming service that is not always possible.

The Flash looks like the movie version of a "So Fresh" CD

Film, Published February 23, 2023
The first full trailer of The Flash shows us everything we might want in a comic book movie, but nothing new.

What's to come in Ted Lasso Season Three?

TV, Published January 30, 2023
Ted Lasso season three is about to kick off. The Edge of the Crowd looks at what lies ahead at AFC Richmond.

The Fablemans broke my heart, I can't wait to watch it again

Film, Published January 12, 2023
Steven Spielberg's latest film is another masterpiece, that will inspire introspection, relief and regret.
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The stories behind four essential Australian women's football books

Football, Published January 2, 2023
The authors and creators behind these important and enjoyable titles talk about the experiences of writing them, and their hopes for the game.

Avatar: The Way of Water is way too long to easily enjoy

Film, Published December 22, 2022
The Way of Water’s storyline is not deep enough for the three-hour run time

The Guardians of the Galaxy save Christmas, and revive Marvel

Film, Published December 8, 2022
James Gunn has delivered a hilarious and moving modern Christmas comic book classic
Bill Bailey's En Route to Normal. source

Bill Bailey's En Route to Normal is hilariously unique

Theatre, Published October 22, 2022
Bill Bailey returns to the stage in brilliant style with En Route to Normal

What a premiership would mean for the Geelong Cats

Aussie Rules, Published September 21, 2022
A Geelong win on Saturday will feel like the culmination of years of work.
Mike Bassett: England Manager  @mikebassettIM twitter

The best speeches in the history of sports cinema

Film, Published September 12, 2022
Michael Sheen's stirring message to the Welsh football team went viral and recalled some of the best speeches in fictional sports
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