The SANFL is set to celebrate its history at the State Library

The SANFL is set to celebrate its 145-year history at the State Library with a exhibition celebrating the past, and future, of one of Australia's best leagues.

In celebration of 145 years of the SANFL, the league is set to open an exciting new exhibition at the State Library. The exhibition will showcase everything that has made one of Australia’s oldest football leagues one of the best in the country.

The exhibitionOur Footy, Our People, Our Storieswill explore the history of the league all the way back from the 19th century to what the sport is today. Mark Gilbert from the State Library has undergone a mountain of work in order to put this exhibition together.

The goal of this exhibition as stated by the State Library and the SANFL is to collect and preserve the history of South Australia. And with football being such a huge part of the South Australian culture, this exhibition will provide insight and highlight the social, and sporting history of the state.

Just some of the highlights of the exhibition will include recognition and celebration of the late Russel Ebert OAM, and hours and hours of video highlights from more football than you could possibly watch, a seven-metre panoramic photograph of a Showdown at the great Adelaide Oval.

There will be a sketchbook from GW Cox jewellers showcasing the different Magarey Medal designs all the way back to 1932, and importantly, the contribution of women to football as well as the evolution of women playing football in South Australia.

The State Library has also come to the party bringing in material from their own collections. In it, highlights which will include two Magarey Medals donated by the families of the 1929 winner Bob Snell, and Max Pontifex who won in 1932, as well as images from the scrapbooks of goalkicking icon Ken Farmer.

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“The SANFL and SA Football Commission are thrilled to see another SANFL history exhibition presented at the State Library of South Australia,” said SANFL Chief Executive Officer Darren Chandler.

“Football certainly plays a significant part in the history books of South Australia and continues to be part of the fabric of our culture and society. This is a great opportunity to once again celebrate our game and the achievements past and present of the League.”

Geoff Strempel, Director State Library of South Australia says, “We are again pleased to be working with the SANFL to share more stories about the history of football in South Australia.

“Stories connect the past to the present and into the future for the next generations to enjoy and learn from. Tapping into emotions, stories connect people from all walks of life. We know football is much loved in South Australia and we look forward to welcoming supporters of the game who might not have been to the State Library before.”

The exhibition is set to go on display from June 3 all the way through just past the footy season finishing, the exploration of history wrapping up on October 16.

For more information on the exhibition, including a soon to be announced events program, visit theSANFL websiteor theState Library website.