bbno$ (left0 with Yung Gravy (right) in front on a striped yellow and red wall

Yung Gravy and bbno$ release 'You Need Jesus', announce release date of 'Baby Gravy 3'

The dynamic duo's second single from the upcoming LP is filled with preaching of a different kind.

Yung Gravy and bbno$, known collectively as BABY GRAVY, released the second single from their upcoming LP, 'Baby Gravy 3'; a fun satirical song called 'You Need Jesus'.

It is the second song from the upcoming LP, following 'Goodness Gracious', which was released in May and has since racked up millions of streams.

With infectious Spanish guitar accents and a beat to bounce to, the pair deliver a song that sits well in their collective.

Sonically, the inclusion of church-style harmonies and Spanish guitar over a sparse beat makes for a sound of their own, with layers of irony sprung throughout, both sonically and lyrically.

The parody of the song to say 'You Need Jesus' and listing all of these 'sins' fits the Baby Gravy mantra of making fun songs filled with irony.

In the music video, directed by Karl Jungquist, who has worked with the likes of Marshmello and Grandson, Gravy and Baby are preachers of a different kind, getting Jesus to strike down any non-believers.

Using a cross, Baby and Gravy send lighting down from above to electrocute those who oppose them; it is as comical as it sounds.

The song's producer, diamonds pistols, also appears in the video, which is more chaotic the longer it goes on.

With the duo, the direction of their songs can never be predicted, leading to a body of work that is just fun.

Their new LP follows 'Baby Gravy', released in 2017 and 'Baby Gravy 2', from 2020, which included songs such as 'Welcome To Chilis' and 'shining on my ex'.

With over half a billion streams on 'Baby Gravy 2', sold-out tours under their belt, and an appearance on Family Feud, to name a few things, the duo are ready to release their biggest project yet.

'Baby Gravy 3' drops August 18 via Virgin Music.

Yung Gravy (front) and bbno$ (back) holding a Holy Bible and a white picket-fence that says "You Need Jesus", respectively, for their 'You Need Jesus' single cover