FIFA WWC Countdown: Day 39 - Five hottest kits at this year's tournament

With the eagerly awaited FIFA Women's World Cup only a mere 31 days from kickoff, we are on day 39 of Edge of the Crowd's comprehensive run-up to the grand event of the year. Recently, we've delved into the freshest roster unveilings and covered the most notable headlines encircling the competition. Today, however, we turn our lens towards the realm of jerseys - meticulously evaluating and listing the top five kits that the superstars of world football will be sporting on the pitch in this year's tournament.

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Alright, we confess - it was never a question of if, but where the Matildas' kit would feature on our list. The sheer prospect of our phenomenal athletes basking in the triumph of victory, draped in this elegant fusion of green and gold, sends electrifying chills down the spine. An ensemble that not only reflects national pride but also embodies the formidable spirit of the team, Australia's kit is a definitive symbol of the anticipated magic to unfold at the Women’s World Cup.

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The Jamaican Reggae Girlz are expected to capture the hearts of many football enthusiasts as their second-favourite team in the tournament. Given the exquisite design of their kits, you can hardly fault the fans. Their home kit boasts refined pinstripes, blending elegance with a bold statement of their identity. Adidas has also outdone itself with the away kit, crafting a piece of art that mirrors the vibrant spirit of Jamaica and its indomitable athletes.

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Over the years, across numerous World Cups, and indeed all international competitions, Japan's national teams have consistently delivered an impeccable aesthetic. The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup promises to follow suit. The home shirt, adorned with a captivating blue geometric design, is a sight to behold. This stunning design is a replication of the one donned by the men's team in Qatar last year. However, the true masterpiece is the away kit - a sophisticated blend of pink and purple, subtly accentuated by the faint outline of Mt Fuji. It's not just a jersey, it's a symbolic portrayal of Japan's cultural heritage and its unwavering determination on the global football stage.

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As an Aussie, it stings a bit to rank our Tasman Sea neighbours higher on this list. Yet, when it comes to the beauty of the game, personal bias takes a back seat. The Football Ferns' kit, I must admit, captivates with its aesthetic charm. The infusion of the Silver Leaf motif against the backdrop of black is nothing short of inspirational. It salutes New Zealand's historic representation in all football codes, a nod to the nation's rich sporting legacy. Given its distinct appeal, this kit is poised to be among the top sellers of 2023.

Image credit: Nike

The Football Ferns' away jerseys may not carry the same punch with their relatively subdued design, but that’s hardly a reason for any grievance. After all, when the home kit makes such a formidable statement, the away kit's simplicity provides an eloquent contrast. It is this blend of boldness and understatement that completes the aesthetic balance of New Zealand's presence on the football pitch.


There can only be one winner. And while a Canadian triumph at this year's World Cup would surprise, the fact they are top of this list should surprise no one. 

Nike has showered the Canadian women's national team with an outpouring of design prowess, especially considering that their men's team was the only team not to don new kits at the Men's World Cup in Qatar in 2022. Canada's throwback to the 90s, a black and red ensemble featuring an array of maple leafs, strikes a perfect chord. It's a kit that appeals to football aficionados around the globe, not just Canadians and is poised to be on everyone's must-have list this World Cup year.

While some nations might have received flak for their less-inspired away kits, Canada's case is an exception. The simplicity of Canada's white away shirt harmoniously combined with vibrant red shorts is an aesthetic triumph.

The Canadian team may be considered underdogs in the tournament, but when it comes to the jersey game, they've already seized the throne. Sporting the best-looking jerseys, they've kicked off their World Cup journey with an undeniable fashion victory.

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