Batman needs a Robin but who should be Robert Pattinson's Robin?

There have been a lot of Robins over the years but if Matt Reeves were to add a Robin into his Batman trilogy who would be the best one?


In Matt Reeves'The Batman, there are several indications that a favourite character of many will be making an appearance in a future movie with Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne/Batman, who is in desperate need of a sidekick.

But the question is who from the list of many Robins from the comics is the best choice to take up the moniker first?

The only condition is that it has to be an established character within DC, it's unlikely we'll see another John 'Robin' Blake twist likeDark Knight Rises, especially since Matt Reeves has denied one fan theory that a character already in his film could be Robin.

7. Carrie Kelley

The least likely of the Robins, Carrie Kelley has a small albeit passionate fan base that would love to see in a live-action adaption. However, Kelley is the only character on the list that is from Earth-31 a grittier divergent reality where Batman is more brutal.

That might sound exactly like this Batman's universe but Bruce Wayne has barely started working with a partner and even with Selina Kyle/Catwoman working by his side for a few days he softened and was more calculated than the moments he was working solo.

This doesn't rule Kelley out entirely and she's a good choice if Reeves doesn't want to establish a Bat Family, but there are certainly better choices.

6. Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne could be a good candidate to become Robin in this film series if it weren't for one all-important detail. He's Bruce Wayne and Tahlia al Ghul's son.

In year two of Batman's career, there's no knowing whether Batman has gotten himself tied up with the al Ghuls yet, and even if he had it's incredibly unlikely that he would have had a child with Tahlia or that said child would be old enough (at least nine or 10) to take up Robin.

Damian's rise to Robin also needs there to be a pre-existing Robin (also an issue for another popular option), but there's too much working against Damian Wayne for his introduction to Matt Reeves'The Batmanuniverse just yet.

5. Duke Thomas

The sole character that hasn't taken up the mantle of Robin in the comics on this list, Duke Thomas ordinarily wouldn't be a candidate. But if Matt Reeves wanted to use a character that has never been Robin officially, he is the best option.

He's an often forgotten character and has his own superhero identity, Signal, in the comics. Robin could be a stepping stone towards Signal, just as the 'We Are Robin' movement was in the comics.

However, he's not anyone's first or second choice and is a character that while deserving of his story being told outside of the comics, it shouldn't be a variation of his origin story, which means once again there already needs to be an established identity of Robin for Duke Thomas to be considered.

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4. Tim Drake

The third Robin and the second-best detective to Batman, Tim Drake offers a contrast to Bruce Wayne that could introduce an interesting dynamic into the films.

Also from his wealthy background and having parents that are very much alive, Drake's introduction would show that you don't need to have a tragic background to get caught up in the vigilante lifestyle, and that anyone really could figure out that Bruce Wayne is Batman if they tried hard enough.

His fans are certainly a passionate bunch, but even they'd agree that Drake as the first Robin isn't the right choice. Just like Damian Wayne and Duke Thomas, his introduction as Robin hinges on there already being an established Boy Wonder, because it's Dick Grayson's quadruple somersault that helps him deduce who Batman and Robin are.

Because of this, it's incredibly unlikely, even though injecting more detective work into a Batman film would be incredible to see.

3. Stephanie Brown

If Reeves wanted a female Robin, Stephanie Brown is the best candidate and a minor conflict with her father being a villain could make for an interesting point of contention. She's sassy and bold, and could strike a different tone to Robin that the remaining options don't offer, but she's also no one's first choice.

Brown's character is better served in one of her other secret identities, either Spoiler or Batgirl, but if Robin has to be a transitional role and she only takes up the mantle for one film it would be interesting to see how Reeves incorporates that into the story.

2. Dick Grayson

The original Robin and most people's first choice to be introduced as the Boy Wonder is none other than Dick Grayson, we've seen him in a live-action Batman film before, in the 1995 film Batman Forever.

The one catch is you can't change his origin story. Grayson's circus origins are an important part of his identity, as is seeing the murder of his parents.

It gives the character a better sense of purpose after his parent's death. His approach to the vigilante life, repurposing his acrobatic skills for crime-fighting, also acts as a contrast to Batman's that makes for an enjoyable narrative, injecting a some more lightness into the films.

However, he's only ranked as the second-best choice, not because Grayson's character wouldn't be a great addition to the series but because there's another Robin that would be even better.

1. Jason Todd

Hear me out on this one, because Jason Todd certainly doesn't add contrast to Bruce Wayne in the same way that the other potential Robin candidates do. In fact, he's the one that is the most like this Batman personality-wise.

But that's why it works, it holds a mirror up to Batman wanting to not have a kid make the same mistakes as him and inevitably being more careful, more human than he is currently.

Then there's also Todd's origin to becoming Robin, which involves getting caught stealing the tires off the Batmobile, and while this Batman might react poorly, he just as easily could say 'I respect that, want a job?'

Additionally, if Reeves chose to approach it, Todd's tragic death can lead towards a major backwards step for Batman that wouldn't just be resolved in the final act of a film. A couple of years down the line, it could lead to a live-action adaption of one of the most beloved DC storylinesUnder the Red Hood.

Ultimately Jason Todd and Dick Grayson are the two best options and many would be satisfied with either being the first to assume the mantle. But for this version of Batman, an early rise for Todd could be the most compelling.