Valentine's Day Gifts: Five of the Best

With Valentine's Day coming up, it's time for some last-minute gift shopping for that special someone.


With Valentine's Day coming up, it's time for some last-minute gift shopping for that special someone.Edge of the Crowdhas put together a list of five of the best suggestions for what to do in the scramble for the perfect gift.

Every year it seems like chocolate and flowers become more stereotypical and overpriced, and harder to get as a gift that stands out. Why not look for something a little bit different this year?

Change the way you rest and relax

Take your relaxation to the next level this Valentine’s Day and fire cupid’s arrow straight into the bedroom with Ecosa.

An Ecosa silk pillowcase makes the perfect gift that lasts well beyond Valentine’s Day. The silk fabric has natural thermal regulating properties, keeping your temperature stabilised no matter what the season.

Ecosa Silk pillowcases are also hypo-allergenic, durable and environmentally friendly, so you're ticking all the boxes for your conscience too, as well as your significant other.

Being able to lay your heads together on luxurious pillowcases will add to any time spent in bed, and the fine silk only adds to the mood.

Wine not take a short trip away?

As Australia opens up, there are so many wine regions and country towns that are begging for visitors.

Valentine's Day is a perfect time to book a romantic weekend away and a winery tour. It's a great time to put some time in the calendar to have a break from everything and have some one-on-one time.

There are great regions outside every major city if you want to stay local, with the Yarra Valley a particularly good choice just outside Melbourne. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, Orange and Mudgee have some spectacular wineries a little further away, to make it feel like a real trip.

A winery, picturesque locations, and quality time together, what more could you want?

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Knot sure what to do? Relax a little more

One way to make sure you get the best out of Valentine's Day is to properly relax.

Getting a massage is perfect for relaxing all the way, and letting the stress wash away. It can be a fun date, with the two of you getting pampered together, and de-stressing together.

If that's a bit of a stretch for the pocket, you can always send your significant other off for that experience, and you can help make sure that when they get home, the relaxation stays and doesn't wash away too fast.

Getting those knots out of your back and shoulders always feels good, and improves the whole day, so its a great way to spend Valentine's Day, and helps with whatever you do for the rest of the day.

Michelin Night In - Order Dinner for 2 ingredients

Going out to a restaurant is always nice, but there's a reason that home-cooked food tastes so good - it's that secret ingredient - love.

Why not capture that magic at home for Valentine's Day? If you're not so confident, or you want to replicate that restaurant experience, why not order a dinner pack?

Plenty of restaurants sell dinner packs where you can buy all the ingredients, and the instructions, to make your favourite restaurant dishes at home and give you a chance to show off for that special person.

And it makes you look great for them, and you can add that special ingredient to make it a special night together.

Bringing the magic and flavour of a restaurant into your own space is only going to make for a fantastic Valentine's Day. Image: Stock photo

A different sound of art

Beautiful artwork helps turn a house into a home and can add a beautiful splash of colour.

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to add some new art to your home and to turn a single moment into a lifetime of memories.

With so much out there, why not support small creators who do something with a difference, likeSnazzy Starlight.

Snazzy Starlight brings sound to life, as the creator uses their synthesesia to paint the colours they see when they hear music. It's a chance to take your partner's favourite song and make it hang for everyone to see.