The Tallest Man on Earth announces return to Australia

Photo Credit: Stephan Vanfleteren (Supplied)

The Tallest Man on Earth announces return to Australia

The national tour follows the release of the Swedish singer-songwriter's sixth studio album, Henry St.

The Tallest Man on Earth, project of Swedish musician Kristian Matsson, will return to Australia this summer with performances in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The tour follows the release of Henry St., the musician's sixth studio album and the first to be recorded in a band setting.

Feverishly written over just ten days, the album explores Matsson's stubborn optimism and "how to be a person in this world".

"It's the most playful, most me album yet, because it covers so many of the different noises in my head," Matsson said.

Lyrically, Henry St. is as introspective and heartfelt as Matsson's previous work. Where the albums differs, however, is in its overarching joyfulness.

Loneliness and sorrow give way to resilience and hope, and it is within the album's collaborative setting that this joyfulness finds the energy it needs to shine.

"[The band] opened everything up, and understood what the songs that I'd written needed: sounds that I couldn't ever have thought of or created myself," Matsson said.

The result is a markedly different sound for The Tallest Man on Earth, but is it a welcome one. The addition of piano, strings and horns brings a warmth and fullness to Henry St. and provides a captivating diversity of sound.

Matsson has truly returned from the forced solitude of the COVID-19 pandemic as an artist renewed and he shows no signs of slowing down.

"[Isolation] taught me that making music and performing is what I'm doing for the rest of my life, and I'm so grateful for it," Matsson said.

"It has given me new confidence and playfulness. This is what I do. It's unconditional."


  • Wed 6 December --- Metro Theatre, Sydney

  • Thu 7 December --- Princess Theatre, Brisbane

  • Fri 8 December --- Northcote Theatre, Melbourne

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