Stand Atlantic release a powerful new track, 'kill[h]er'

The Sydney pop-punk band has released their first single of the year, a song that serves as a strong reminder to stay true to yourself.

TW: mental health and drugs

After the success of its 2022 album 'f.e.a.r.', Stand Atlantic have returned in 2023 with a taste of what is to come with kill[h]er.

The band comprises vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Fraser, bassist Miki Rich, drummer Jonno Panichi and guitarist David Potter.

Written in a small Los Angeles hotel room, the song is a hopeful anthem recognising and trying to defeat self-doubt; Fraser said:

"Self-sabotage is a bitch, self-doubt kills and denying good and genuine parts of yourself because you've been conditioned to think they're not good enough is a form of murder," Fraser said.

"It's a reminder to myself not to give in to that shit. Personal growth is important but don't deny who you are.

"Sometimes I find myself thinking back to who I used to be and missing that person."

Steve Knight produced the song for the band and was also a co-writer; he has previously worked with Australian bands such as Redhook and Short Stack.

In a similar vein to songs from 'f.e.a.r.', the track utilises a familiar trap-style beat throughout the verses but transforms into a catchy pop-punk tune through the choruses and the outro.

It is the start of a new era for the band, building off the back of high success last year.

The song sets the tone with a sombre beginning, utilising a quieter singing voice and the most repeated part of the chorus, "I'm a kill[h]er."

After that, however, the singing takes a much more prominent role in the song as the higher pitch combined with a louder voice reiterates Fraser's power over self-doubt.

The clicking of a loaded gun throughout the track is a clever detail to be a constant reminder of the song's themes.

The lyrics are a recognition of where a person has realised they have self-sabotaged and using that realisation to enforce who they are.

Directed by Brandon Lung and Elder, the video accentuates the song's themes through its direction, with hints at anxiety and addiction.

'kill[h]er' is now available worldwide.

If you need help in a crisis/need support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or MensLine Australia on 1300 78 99 78.