Othrship goes '70s prog with, 'Looking for a New Home'

Sydney psych-rockers are taking things in a Bowie-esque, intergalactic direction

Othrship, the Sydney-based psychedelic rock project led by Henry Manuell, last Friday released the first in a trilogy of proggy space rock singles.

The first release since their 2019 EP, Lift Off, 'Looking for a New Home' is rich with the synths and soloes of '70s psychedelia.

The cover for the single. It depicts an astronaut's hand amidst flowers floaitng in space.

That distinct saxophone dances in amongst a guitar which rides the line between militaristic romp and kaleidoscopic groove and a synth characteristically intergalactic in its sound.

Reverb on the vocals gives the impression that we're hearing this through the vacuum of space. Each chorus erupts with vocal harmonies that, while pleasant, could have gone a bit harder.

Lyrics detail a group of astronauts searching for a new home for their people, the kind of plot content most prog rock fans will likely be familiar with.

The story is fleshed out through a music video released on the same day which depicts the band at work in the dark cabin of a spaceship.

The track ends with a sax solo that leaves you on edge, waiting for the sequel, 'Take Your Pills' -- to come on March 3.

This is certainly one to check out as soon as you can. Personally we can't wait for the next installment of this epic series.