Taylor Swift becomes most popular muscian of 2022

Taylor Swift is the most searched singer on google this year with more than 2.1 million monthly hits.

New research has shown that the country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift is the most popular singer this year, according to data from the celebrity news site CelebTattler.

Using data based on more than 150 artists from all over the world it was found Swift was the most googled with 2.1 million hits each month in the United States.

With a sold-out tour and tickets re-sold for as much as six figures, it has been a great year for Swift after releasing her new album midnights and re-recording her old stuff as Taylor's version.

While Swift was the clear number one, it was England's Harry Styles who came in second place after an amazing year of publicity for the former One Direction singer. With his most recent film Don't Worry Darling hitting plenty of headlines, Styles is certainly on the rise.

While Styles may be on the rise it's clear number three is on a slide downhill. Kayne West rounds out the medals after a tumultuous year, between fighting with his ex-wife publically and more recently announcing a run for president Kayne is certainly an interesting character.

“This year has been a fantastic year for music fans across America with record-breaking albums and singles coming from the likes of Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and more. With the music award season in full swing, it will be interesting to see if the most Googled musicians of the year end up winning the most awards too,” said a spokesperson for CelebTatter.

The rest of the top ten most googled singers and songwriters is pretty much everyone we would expect. Travis Scott gets in there after a disastrous 2022 with the Astrolworld tragedy.

In the bottom half of the top ten, Justin Bieber is the only male artist sitting in the ninth spot right behind his former partner Selena Gomez who along with new music has released a tell-all documentary on her struggles.

Dua Lipa rounds out the top ten most Googled musicians list, being Googled 1.44 million times per month on average. Dua Lipa recently played some massive shows in Australia and will be continuing her world tour by offering something different in the pop space.

List of most googled musicians of 2022