Marizanne Kapp Announces How Excited She is Ahead of the WBBL08 Season

International cricketer reveals she's "really excited" for the season to start again for the Scorchers this weekend

Perth Scorchers celebrating their victory against the Adelaide Strikers in BBL07. Image: Perth Scorchers

All-rounder International player now Perth Scorcher Marizanne Kapp talked to the media Tuesday morning about how excited she is of the upcoming BBL08 season commencing this Thursday.

The Scorchers won the title last season after defeating the Adelaide Strikers in what was an incredible season displayed by them.

Kapp was asked whether she believes the Scorchers could go back-to-back and perform as highly as they did last season.

"I think we have a really good chance, (I'm) looking forward to getting back on the park with the girls", she said.

Marizanne Kapp addressing the media ahead of the WBBL08 season. Image: Australian Cricket

Regardless of the result Kapp expressed how happy she was to be playing another season at the Scorchers with her teammates.

"I've loved my time here and I had such a good time with the girls last year and it's just good to be back", Kapp said.

"I think we have a really good chance, looking forward to getting back on the park with the girls".

Piepa Cleary practicing bowling to her teammates in the coaches nets. Image: Australian Cricket

Kapp believes with how young the side is with the players still to come through, that there is so much they can offer this season to contribute to the Scorchers.

"I'm really excited to see what the girls can do I think that's why again last year we were successful was lot of people picking up their hands obviously Moons (Beth Mooney) and (Sophie) Devine were brilliant", she demonstrated.

"But I think youngsters like Lilly Mills surprised everyone cause she's always been up there as well so I'm really excited to see what the girls can do this year."

Although Kapp says the Scorchers are looking strong ahead of the season starter, she admits that the opposing teams can be dangerous to come up against.

"You can't look at big names, it’s whoever performs on the day that's something that we've seen throughout this competition. You cant focus on the names you just have to look at one game at a time and play your best cricket", Kapp explained.

With the opening of COVID restrictions slowly opening up to fans last season it allowed for fans to finally come back to watch the cricket. Now there are no limits for fans to go matches to see their role models play.

"It was such a nice experience last year, especially that final to have everyone come out and support us, really looking forward to that again this year", Kapp expressed.

The Scorchers play their first match this Sunday against Sydney the 16th October. WBBL will be another brilliant season for everyone to watch and be involved with again.