Goals on Film - ESPN Films: Swoopes

On this week's episode of Goals on Film, the team discuss 2013 basketball documentary, ESPN Films: Swoopes.

On this week's episode of Goals on Film, Jason and Lauren discuss 2013 basketball documentary, ESPN Films: Swoopes.

EPSN Films: Swoopes is a documentary, directed by Hannah Storm, which chronicles the life of, and focuses on former WNBA player Sheryl Swoopes. Swoopes had a decorated 12-year career in the WNBA after being the first player signed to the league, selected by the Houston Comets where she won four WNBA Championships, three WNBA MVPs, and six WNBA All-Star selections - among many more accolades, endorsements, and Hall of Fame inductions across different levels of the sport, including at the Olympics.

The documentary outlines Swoopes' upbringing and family life, to becoming a basketball player and everything that came with that from college to the WNBA, all including the highs of success in the sport with the triumphs and trophies, but also the lows in terms of the struggles within her life and within the sport, that also includes money, love, and support. Swoopes said of doing the documentary that she was tired of reading about her life story, and therefore wanted to tell it herself. And she did so.

Goals on Film talks about Swoopes' legacy and the impact she had on and off the court, touching on particular moments throughout her life and career, the Houston Comets' early WNBA success and eventual demise, as well as discussing the people involved in the documentary via interviews and how it contributed to telling different parts of Swoopes' story.

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