Goals on Film - Chasing Comets

On this week's episode, the team discuss 2018 rugby league comedy drama, Chasing Comets.

On this week's episode, Jason and Stuey discuss 2018 rugby league comedy drama, Chasing Comets.

Chasing Comets follows Chase Daylight (Dan Ewing), an aspiring rugby league player set on making it to the NRL. The first game of the Comets’ season produces a loss, with Chase unable to replicate any type of form that would have clubs pursuing him and after a night out with his best friend Rhys Stewart (Stan Walker), his girlfriend Brooke (Isobel Lucas) catches him cheating, straining the relationship further.

Chase is resigned to sitting on the bench as Coach Munsey (John Batchelor) signifies big changes. During this time, with the help of The Rev (George Houvardas) and his daughter Dee (Kat Hoyos), Chase turns to God and the church to find peace with himself and his life, including his relationships, even going public in announcing his celibacy. Chase gets a chance to shine on the field again as he comes to learn more about himself as a person and is a big reason as to how the Comets win enough games in the back half of the season to make the Grand Final.

Goals on Film explores every aspect of the film and speak harshly on its production, including the actors, while also diving deep into how the film tackles and approaches the relationship with the church and celibacy, how the film saw a workaround to not include too much rugby plays on screen, and look into Wagga Wagga's history of producing athletes and an Australian food, the Chiko Roll.

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