FIFAWWC Match Day Two Wrap - European nations dominatea day of European dominance

After 10 weeks of building up the hype with Edge of the Crowd's 70-Day Countdown to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the action continued as a number of teams made their debuts at the biggest women’s sporting tournament in the world. How did it all unfold? Read on to find out.

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Canada v Nigeria

The highly-fancied Canadian side came into the tournament as a highly-rated contender for Group B, with plenty of stars looking to make their mark. Someone forgot to tell the Nigerian team, who were determined not to give up easy.

Canadian talisman Christine Sinclair was the early aggressor, bringing the ball into the area and firing on goals early in the match, but she was unable to find a way through the defence of Chiamaka Nnadozie between the posts. Ashley Lawrence also started to find her way through the Nigerian defence, as the Super Falcons started to focus on their counterattack, starting to threaten the Canadian goal.

As the second half kicked off, all attention turned to the VAR, after Sinclair was taken down in the box by Francisca Ordega. Despite the referee initially waving away the claims by the Canadians, the decision was overturned.

Sinclair stepped up to the spot, and shot low and hard to the bottom left corner. Beating the shot to that corner was Nnadozie, who denied the shot, and was smart enough to ensure that the deflected shot cleared the area too.

It was a turning point in the momentum of the match, as the Super Falcons turned to attack, starting to threaten to score frequently. Uchenna Kanu was among the players looking most threatening, as the Nigerian side found space through the middle and the edge of the box.

As time wound down, both sides were desperate to find a way to goal, but neither could break through.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH: CHIAMAKA NNADOZIE (NGA). Standing on the goal line, with an international superstar like Sinclair standing at the spot, Nnadozie didn't flinch. The moment didn't overraw her, and she made the save, and then had the presence of mind to clear the ball. She had a dominant game between the posts, in a superb outing that keeps the Super Falcons hope alive.

Philippines v Switzerland

The Philippines is making their World Cup debut, up against the more fancied Swiss side. It was a physical start early, as Ramona Bachmann picked up a yellow card within the first 10 minutes.

Katrina Guillou appeared to have the opener for the Philippines, setting the crowd alight, before the moment was taken away by the lineswoman's flag. Bachmann had the reply shot, but it was well-saved by Olivia McDaniel.

Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic almost had the opener, but sent the ball over the crossbar from point-blank range, in the shadows before half time. As the minutes wound down, and injury time approached, Coumba Sow was brought down in the box by Jessika Cowert.

Bachmann calmly stepped up to the mark and put the ball in the back of the net, giving the Swiss side the lead at half time.

Just after the hour mark, Seraina Piubel found the net for the Swiss again. A cross fell to Crnogorcevic, but her shot was blocked by McDaniel, with the ball eventually falling at the feet of Piubel, who made no mistake.

Despite the best efforts of Angela Beard in defence for the Philippines, they were unable to stem the flow, and the Swiss side took a 2-0 win to kick off their campaign.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH: RAMONA BACHMANN (SUI). Other than an early yellow card in the first skirmishes, Bachmann was superb. Constantly finding space in attack, setting up opportunities, and ruthless from the spot to open the scoring, Bachmann was the best player on the park.

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Spain v Costa Rica

It was a dominant performance from Spain, as they fired a warning shot to the competition that the off-field issues are not affecting on-field performance. Spain may have been coming into the tournament under a cloud in terms of performance, but those concerns were blown away with a statement performance over Costa Rica.

Spain may have come into the tournament under a cloud after player disputes with the Spanish football federation, but a 3-0 win over Costa Rica dispelled any concerns in the interim.

The 3-0 margin is reflective of Spain’s lack of composure and finishing in the box, as the margin could, and should have been greater.

Spain had a whopping 46 shots (12 on target), 81 per cent of possession for the match, 22 corners and 117 touches inside the box, but could only manage three goals, all in a short burst.

The scoring started when a ball deflected off Valerie del Campo in the 21st minute, and Costa Rica had conceded an own goal to start.

Just three minutes later, Aitana Bonmanti produced a left-footed missile that found its way to the back of the net, and another three minutes later, Esther Gonzalez pounced on a chaos ball at the top of the six yard box to make it three.

That was as far as it went for Spain, as Jennifer Hermoso became the third player to have a penalty saved in the tournament, in just the fifth match. Despite their weight of possession, the Spaniards were unable to break through in the second half.

The bright spot for Costa Rica was the performance of Daniela Solera in goals. In the face of an overwhelming avalanche, she stood strong. Nine saves, including a penalty, and defusing countless other situations was a strong return as she prevented the lead from blowing out further.

This was a ruthless and dominant performance from Spain, who managed 46 shots (12 on target), 81 per cent possession and 22 corners in a warning to the competition. Despite those overwhelming numbers, and 117 touches in the box, Spain only managed three goals, lacking clinical finishing.

The opening goal was an own goal off the leg of Valeria Del Campo in the 21st minute, but it was the start of a ten minute onslaught that would settle the match.

Three minutes later, Aitana Bonmanti launched a rocket that couldn’t be stopped to double the lead, before Esther Gonzalez capitalised on chaos in the box three minutes later to make it 3-0.

Spain continued to pepper the goals, winning a penalty that Jennifer Hermoso failed to find the net. After half time, Bonmanti continued to threaten, finding space every time she had the ball.

One bright spot for Costa Rica was the work of Daniela Solera in goals, with a penalty save and nine other saves, putting in a superb effort in the face of an overwhelming avalanche.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH: AITANA BONMANTI (ESP). Bonmanti ran riot in a blockbuster performance. Every time she had the ball she found space, and threatened the goals, and she produced an early contender for goal of the tournament. A dominant individual performance in a dominant team win.AITANA BONMANTI (ESP). Bonmanti ran riot, setting up goals, scoring them, and just generally looking dangerous from her midfield position. A dominant individual performance in a dominant team performance.

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