Edge of the Crowd's February 2022 Playlist

Edge Of the Crowd's February 2022 playlist includes Wallows, Barkaa, BIGBANG and many more. Check out our Spotify playlist now!


February has been loaded with some great Australian and international releases.

Check out our Spotify playlist for some new music chosen by our team. Read about the songs chosen for Edge of the Crowd's February 2022 playlist below.

The Veronicas -Cold

The duo of Jess and Lisa Origliasso aka The Veronicas releasedColdon the 2014 self-titled third studio album - the first under Sony Music Australia. As such,Cold, while sounding nothing like any of the duo’s pop rock style they became synonymous with in the 2000s, it was a switch-up like no one had come to expect. The difference was a welcome chance to showcase lyrics - and spoken word - that is hard-hitting straight to the chest, the pain evident in multiple emotionally-charged moments that makes you so brutally feel the emotions yourself too.

Jason Irvine

Spacey Jane -Sitting Up

Despite never having a bad thing to say about Spacey Jane's songs, I've never fully committed to the band. In an effort to have more Aussie music blessing my ears, Spacey Jane has been making its way into my playlists.Sitting Upis the band's newest tune and instantly went on repeat. I particularly love the moment of the tail end of the record, when there's only Caleb and guitar before all the instruments come back in again. Chills.

Marika Hackman -Claude’s Girl

Marika Hackman’s musicianship was on display here, effectively utilising only an acoustic guitar and soft, smooth vocals to craft a complex, but beautiful piece. At first, it seems like a soothing lullaby, yet the notes eerily progress in a somewhat unsettling way. This piece blows my mind, and it’s criminal how little attention it’s been given despite being out for six years. 

Rebecca Ruthven

The Dark Tenor -After the Nightmare

It’s no surprise that inspired reinterpretations of beloved songs are on my mind; I’ve been watching so much Olympic Figure Skating that it was inevitable. I first encountered this piece in ROC Olympic Figure Skater Mark Kondratiuk’s free skate from his breakout performance last season at Russian Nationals. Like hisJesus Christ Superstarprogram, this one is also full of drama… you can just hear the facial expressions The Dark Tenor is making as he tells you that he can feel your blood rushing through his veins.

Michelle Guo

Barkaa -King Brown

I love who I am when I’m listening toKing Brown. I feel strong, like I could take on the world by myself. I mean, that’s exactly what Barkaa has done! This song shot her name into lights, and the rest of her small but powerful catalogue proves she is easily one of this country’s best hip hop artists.

Dani Brown

Ingrid Andress -Both

Thanks again YouTube for another late night song discovery!Both, especially the chorus, is an absolute earworm, but it’s a welcome one, thanks to Ingrid Andress’ storytelling ability and ethereal vocals. It’s a passionate tale about commitment that had us feeling the protagonist’s love-related frustrations through Andress’ performance. Not to mention, I love a good song with a 6/8 time signature. 

Rebecca Ruthven

Terra -Wasted Days

While Terra has been known to showcase a range of musical talents inside the one song, the closing track on the band’s sophomore EPReverie, released earlier this month,Wasted Daysdoes more than that. A nod to Terra’s debut EP of the same name,Wasted Daysstarts in a stripped back, melodic sense with a piano and raw, honest, heartfelt vocals from Cassie Sutton, but, halfway through, the tempo increases as the drums and guitars come crashing in, before a well drawn-out soft fade. It’s a song that has everything, especially with the ability to change moods in an instant.

Jason Irvine

Big Bang -Cafe

I, a relapsed k-pop fan, could not be more excited by the announcement that BIG BANG IS BACK. Finally! Since commencing their hiatus, the group has been hit by various controversies, making their comeback seem all the more uncertain. After many false alarms, YG Entertainment finally confirmed that Big Bang will be coming back with a new single in the coming months. A group that was at the forefront of kpop, I’m keen to see what they give us in 2022. But for the time being, I’ll happily revisit their past bangers that, for me, still hit hard.

Michelle Guo

Taylor Swift -right where you left me

The songright where you left me was on the deluxe version of Taylor Swift’s surprise releaseevermoreand while it was on the physical copies, it wasn’t until January that it hit streaming platforms. Therefore, it’s a song that certainly flies under the radar compared to other Taylor Swift songs.

Elly McNerney

genevoise -à la claire fontaine

France has produced some beautiful folk songs, and genevoise’s interpretation ofà la claire fontaineis no exception. Her light, muffled vocals blend into the soft piano creating such calmness, it almost takes you to the eponymous clear fountain. I particularly love this song’s history - originally it was about lost love, but some have turned it into a symbol of political resistance. It’s a song I would thoroughly recommend for any chill vibes playlists.

Rebecca Ruthven

DJ Maksy -Careless Whisper (Quickstep: 50BPM)

I am absolutely in love with the fact that live music is incorporated in ballet company warmup classes, street dance battles, DanceSport competitions. While there may be expectations surrounding beats and rhythms, the actual melodies can be derived from anything. Which is how we get this absolute masterpiece of a cover. A peppy, upbeatCareless Whisperthat is simultaneously super catchy and super memeable. 

Michelle Guo

Slowly Slowly -Nothing On

Aussie sweethearts Slowly Slowly have smoothed over their rough edges with new releaseNothing On. Channelling some real The 1975 and Grayscale vibes, the track is dreamy and sparkly, despite the lyrics being a little flirty and dirty.

Dani Brown

Wallows -Especially You

Wallows’ songs have been in my playlists for years now, and I’m loving their new singles.Especially Youis their latest one, with their second album coming out next month.Especially Youalso has a super fun music video so it gets extra points from me! They're also coming to Australia later this year so I'm trying to learn all their new songs in preparation. Wish me luck.

Ariana Silver

Shaggy -It Wasn’t Me

This song has that element of nostalgia to it as it takes me back to year nine when my friends and I  used to sing it on the top of our lungs to the disgust of many teachers. While the song itself is a banger and is a great song to add to a playlist for absolutely any occasion.

Elly McNerney

Peach PRC -God Is A Freak

A song that was first leaked by Peach PRC last month as she included a teaser of the song in a TikTok video - even without her label knowing of the song’s existence -God Is A Freakwas officially released at the start of February. Although admitting it was to be a tongue-in-cheek song, it’s since been one that’s resonated in a liberating way to anyone who’s experienced religious trauma in the way of purity culture and LGBTQIA+ exclusion especially, and the freedom from such after suffering through evangelical environments.

Jason Irvine

Stand Atlantic -Pity Partyfeat. Royal & the Serpent

Stat continues leaning into the electronic side of its pop-punk music, with glitchy vocal effects pricking up ears throughout the pre-chorus and chorus. The promotion in the lead-up to this song was incredible - they leaked the end of the chorus and the instrumental for the second verse on TikTok, and encouraged people to write their own verse in a ‘duet’ video. Royal & the Serpent uploaded theirs as part of the ‘challenge’ but it turns out they had already recorded the song with Stat. The end result is a very catchy collab!

Dani Brown

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Martin Solveig and Dragonette -Hello

Hellois the happiest-sounding song about rejecting romantic advances I’ve ever heard, but I dig it. Every time I hear it, I take a walk down memory lane to my primary school years where life was simple and the vibes were immaculate. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of bopping my head along to it in the car far too often. It’s just such a simple, feel good song, and perfect if you need any hype.

Rebecca Ruthven

G-Dragon ft Missy Elliott -늴리리야 (Niliria)

A perfect marriage of both my February music-listening themes: a k-pop song that samples the eponymous traditional Korean folk song that gives this song its title. Missy Elliott is just the cherry on top of this wonderful amalgamation of inspirations.

Michelle Guo

Hindsight -Low Hanging Fruit

Adelaide’s favourite melodic hardcore band is back! Hindsight dropped its first song in nearly four years and boy is it catchy. The start catches you off-guard; a guitar melody starts and you expect it to continue for four bars, but Jack Nelligan’s unique vocals burst in less than two seconds into the song. With a hint of Tiny Moving Parts influence drizzled throughout,Low Hanging Fruitis fun and carefree, and disregards all of their genres “rules” in the best way possible.

Dani Brown

EASHA -Manic Pixie Dream Girl 

If you’re looking for a new groovy playlist addition,Manic Pixie Dream Girlis the song for you. You’re greeted by a funky bass and drum line which sets the tone for a story we know all too well. That one of course, is unrequited love and the desire to have your crush take a chance on you. It’s relatable, energetic, and soulful - ticking all the criteria needed for the perfect pop song.

Rebecca Ruthven

Chris Lanzon -Everest

Chris Lanzon is a young Australian musician who writes and produces his own music. InEverest,Chris uses “everest” metaphorically, representing a struggle he has to overcome. As a sucker for melancholy tunes, Chris’ music is a quality addition to my playlists.

Ariana Silver

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