Edge of the Election Podcast: Taking down Andrew Tate

With so much happening in politics this week the Edge of the Election team take on all of the big stories.

With so much happening in the world of politics this week, the Edge of the Election teams takes on plenty.

The podcast begins with an explanation of why Scott Morrison is back on holiday and a little preview of the new parliament. With the new independents set to speak on Thursday, the team looks at what we can expect from them in the future.

Edge of the Election's own Joel Duggan talks about his recent experience listening to the president of Sinn Fien at Melbourne Trade's Hall. We look at the future plans for the party and if Irish reunification can be brought about.

That is all before a discussion on some international stuff with Carlonine Kennedy set to visit Australia and a quick look at the UK leadership contest.

The main discussion revolves around some online politics of the past week that is focusing on young males who are being scammed. Andrew Tate and Hasan Piker had a debate on Twitch during the week, and the team takes on what that was and what exactly Hustlers University is.

As always, we finish with the Gaffes of the week and the craziest moments of the week; please explain.

You can find the podcast on both Spotify and Apple Podcast below!