Edge of the Election: Looking at the week of parliament

This week on the podcast, the team looks back at the first week of parliament and what exactly has passed.

The team discusses all the big political news from the week on the podcast this week.

The team starts with a massive segment on the first week of Australia's parliament sitting. Scott Morrison is looking sad on the front bench, and once again, the Greens do themselves no mainstream favours.

Albo also appeared with Jake Tapper on CNN, and his approval rating is now through the roof. If the election were to be held today, the Labor party would be the biggest in an Australian parliament.

That is all before a discussion overseas about the Congo and Saudi Arabia and what they are doing about climate change. The answer is absolutely nothing.

We address the issues with celebrities like Taylor Swift jumping on planes daily and people like Kylie Jenner taking three-minute flights.

That is all before we finish with Please Explain!