Edge of the Election: So many protests in Australia

This week on Edge of the Election the team breaks down all of the census data as well as looking at the protests from this week.

The trio of Rory, Jacqui, and Joel are all back this week, bringing you all of the political action from Australia and around the world.

This week they start on Anthony Albanese and why he has been out of the country so often since taking on the job of Prime Minister. This includes addressing the criticism that has come from the right with the idea he is doing a Scott Morrison and Hawaii.

They then move on to the census data, breaking down the critical information such as income, age, and the effects of COVID. It's pretty interesting because COVID would have had a significant impact on this data due to it being taken in August of 2021. So the question is: does this data mean anything.

The main part of the podcast, though, is focused on the massive protests we have seen in Australia but particularly in Sydney over the last week.

Firstly it's the teacher's strike, looking at what teachers want, what they have been offered and what a settlement might look like. With more work and less pay every year, the teachers and nurses who are striking have every right to do so.

As you may have seen over the week, our own Lauren McNamara was at the pro-choice protests in Sydney on the weekend, so that is a significant point of discussion.

That is all before a small chat about the transport worker strikes and what these mean for everyone going forward.

As always, the team finishes with gaffes of the week with Tim Smith and Holly Hughes featuring for their frankly ridiculous comments during the week.

And to finish things off, it's please explain featuring Jordan Peterson and his recent gross comments to Elliot Page. You can check it all out on Spotify and Apple Podcasts below!