Collingwood continues a family legacy with new captain

Darcy Moore will captain Collingwood in 2023 after Scot Pendlebury passed on the baton.

47 men have captained Collingwood in the VFL/AFL in its long and illustrious history. That number is set to become 48 this season as the club moves on from Scott Pendlebury, with defender Darcy Moore taking the reigns as captain of the Magpies from 2023.

Moore has some big shoes to step into after Pendlebury captained the side for more than 200 games across nine seasons. Pendlebury has been there from the heights of the early 2010s through the sacking of former coach Nathan Buckley and is now back up the top. He will no doubt be providing plenty of advice for the new captain.

Moore, who has been around the club since he was a child, will step into a massive role and one that runs in his family. Peter Moore, his father captained Collingwood for a couple of seasons in the 80s and now Darcy gets to carry on that legacy.

Australian Rules is a family sport and having a father-son captaincy combination just shows the family atmosphere that Collingwood has tried to foster over the last 20 or so years.

Captaining the biggest club in the AFL though won't be an easy ride but it's one that Moore is certainly excited to undertake.

“It is truly an incredible honour to be allowed to lead this team,” Moore said.

“The Collingwood captaincy is significant in its own right but it also holds another layer of significance for my family and [me]. To follow my father’s journey as captain of the Collingwood Football Club at almost the same stage in his football journey is very special.

“There’s no shortage of strong and up-and-coming leaders in our group, and I look forward to working closely with the individuals that surround me to ensure we all continue to develop as leaders. I am fortunate to be part of a team and wider club that features so many selfless and determined individuals.”

With Collingwood having had midfielders as captains for such a long time whether it be Pendlebury or Buckley going back even further, it will be interesting to see how Collingwood responds to having a captain in the backline.

Moore is set to be a fresh face for many outside of the club but is well known as a leader on both football and social issues. He was a major player in shaping the 'Do Better' report and plays a massive part in the internal workings of that report and its implementation in the club today.

Collingwood will go in with a leadership group of four for the 2023 season with Moore playing the biggest part. Taylor Adams, Jeremy Howe and Brayden Maynard will make up the rest of the group.