Football Australia Shortlists 26 Clubs for National Second Tier Competition

A second tier of football inched a step closer today as Football Australia announced 26 clubs have made it to the next phase of the process

In a major development for Australian football, Football Australia has officially announced that 26 clubs have successfully proceeded to the Request for Proposal (RFP) phase of the National Second Tier (NST) competition. These clubs met the criteria outlined during the initial Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) phase and are now set to take part in the next crucial step of the NST selection process

A total of 32 clubs from across Australia had submitted their EOIs, demonstrating their enthusiasm in joining the NST competition. Football Australia has extended its gratitude to all participating clubs and acknowledged their contribution to the sport in the country. The clubs that were not shortlisted were thanked for their commitment and encouraged to continue striving for excellence in Australian football.

The RFP phase, which will take place confidentially from May to July 2023, involves distributing comprehensive Bid Documents to the shortlisted clubs. These documents include an information memorandum, NST-related data, financial forecasts, key terms of a Club Participation Agreement, and draft transaction documents.

Following the RFP phase, there will be an assessment and recommendation phase from July to August 2023, with the entire process anticipated to conclude by September to October 2023.

The establishment of the NST competition is a critical component of Football Australia's 15-year strategy for the sport, aiming to realign Australian football competitions. The 26 shortlisted clubs will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the sport in the country.

The list of 26 shortlisted clubs for the RFP phase covers clubs from various states and territories across Australia, including teams such as Canberra Croatia FC, APIA Leichhardt FC, Brisbane City FC, Adelaide City FC, South Hobart FC, and Melbourne Knights FC, there is a full list at the bottom of this article

Football Australia's CEO, James Johnson, expressed his delight at the announcement and the exciting journey ahead for Australian football: "We are delighted to announce the 26 shortlisted clubs for the National Second Tier competition, reflecting the passion and dedication that these clubs have shown in their pursuit of elevating Australian football."

Johnson added, "This significant milestone brings us one step closer to realising our 15-year vision for the sport, and we eagerly anticipate working hand-in-hand with these clubs to establish a thriving and sustainable National Second Tier competition."

He concluded by emphasising the importance of collaboration in shaping the future of football in Australia and offering new opportunities for growth and development while reconnecting and realigning the nation's football competitions.

Clubs through to RFP phase

1.      Canberra Croatia FC

2.      Gungahlin United FC

3.      APIA Leichhardt FC

4.      Fraser Park FC

5.      Marconi Stallions FC

6.      Rockdale Ilinden FC

7.      Sydney Olympic FC

8.      Sydney United 58 FC

9.      Sutherland Sharks FC / Cronulla Sharks

10.    Wollongong Wolves FC

11.    Brisbane City FC

12.    Brisbane United FC (Wynnum Wolves FC, Brisbane Strikers FC, Virginia United FC

13.    Gold Coast Knights F.C.

14.    Gold Coast United FC

15.    Olympic FC

16.    Sunshine Coast FC

17.    Adelaide City FC

18.    Football South Australia

19.    South Hobart FC

20.    Avondale FC

21.    Brunswick Juventus FC

22.    Green Gully SC

23.    Heidelberg United FC

24.    Melbourne Knights FC

25.    Preston Lions FC

26.    South Melbourne FC