AFL 2023: Round Two Team of the Week

Some massive names both drop out of the best 22 as well as some big names coming in.

Some new faces pop into the Team of the Week after the Edge of the Crowd AFL team put their heads together to come up with the best performed 22 from the week that was Round Two.


Luke Ryan (Fremantle)

A tight loss for the Dockers against the Kangaroos was certainly not what Ryan wanted for his side. The Dockers are still a bit of an unknown after finishing fifth last season but what is not unknown are the skills of Ryan. He had 30 touches from the backline while taking 10 marks with 716 metres gained.

Harris Andrews (Brisbane)

Despite the lights going off into the last quarter the Lions managed to hold on by 11 points against the Demons, despite leading by more than 40 at one point. Andrews was key in the defence taking 10 marks and kicking 18 times for 429 metres gained. Once again he shows why he should be an All-Australian.

Adam Saad (Carlton)

Thursday night showed us just how good the game of Aussie Rules can be when played correctly. Adam Saad is going into an interesting month with Ramadan but the lack of eating during the day didn't seem to affect his performance with him having 29 touches and seven marks.


Nick Daicos (Collingwood)

The Daicos boys seem to have injected some real spark into Collingwood, bringing out plenty of run and carry through the backline and middle. Nick was the biggest ball-getter of the game with 32 touches as well as a couple of goals, yet another high-impact match for the young star.

Noah Balta (Richmond)

Richmond might not be the powerhouse that they have been for the last decade or so but they still seem to be a very competitive side. Winning in Adelaide is never easy yet they were able to hold on to get home by 32 points. Balta didn't have a great stats game but his impact was key with 10 marks and 479 metres gained.

Harry Sheezel (North Melbourne)

It's not often someone comes into the AFL as ready for stardom as Sheezel has. He put aside the flag controversy of the week to have 30 touches and six tackles in a massive performance. He has to be the favourite for the Rising Star award after two weeks.


Josh Daicos (Collingwood)

Well if Nick makes the team Josh has to as well. The two are putting together a formidable partnership and will no doubt be leaders of this club in years to come. The big win against Port could be the continuation of a long winning run if all things go well. Josh also kicked a couple of goals while having 26 touches and three clearances.

Clayton Oliver (Melbourne)

Not a surprise at all that Clayton Oliver once again makes his way into this side. He's been dominant in the middle for a long time and seems to only become more dominant. He had a massive 37 touches out the middle while getting five clearances.

Will Setterfield (Essendon)

It's not quite the baby Bombers but there is certainly some excitement around Essendon. A new coach and a strong playing group allowed them to run over the top of the Suns late in the match. Setterfield is establishing himself as a key in the Essendon lineup and had 28 touches with five clearances on the weekend.


Jack Sinclair (St Kilda)

A great mixture of defensive pressure and excellent aggression helped the Ross Lyon led saints to get over the top of the Bulldogs by a massive 51 points. Could this finally be the year for the Saints? Sinclair was just one of the dominant Jacks having 33 touches and a couple of tackles while playing a mixture of midfield and forward.

Jeremy Cameron (Geelong)

Is Geelong finally going downhill? After two losses in two weeks, it seems that could be the case. Cameron certainly isn't going down though, after kicking a big back of six as well as having 25 touches when moving further up the ground. Clearly the best key forward on the ground, and arguably, the competition.

Will Ashcroft (Brisbane)

The second man from Brisbane town to make the team of the week, Will Ashcroft was a key part of the early Lions' dominance over the Demons. Ashcroft found the goals on one occasion while also having 31 touches along with a massive nine clearances. Clearly the best on ground.


Nick Larkey (North Melbourne)

Larkey has been a gun for a while now but under Clarkson, he seems to be going to another level. He makes this team for the second week in a row. He backed up six goals from last week with four more this weekend against the Dockers.

Logan McDonald (Sydney)

The Swans currently sit atop the ladder and it looks like they will be there for a long time to come. A massive 118 to 37 win over the Hawks is just the continuation of what looks like a long winning streak. McDonals continues to show that he's the one to take over from Buddy by kicking five goals.

Tom Papley (Sydney)

There is plenty to love in this Sydney-centric full-forward line. Tom Papley continues to be dominant but also consistent through the middle and up forward. He was once again in the votes kicking two goals and having 17 touches for almost 400 metres gained for the Swans.


Jarrod Witts (Gold Coast)

No man seems to be as dominant in this position in 2023 as Witts. He gives his young midfield plenty of the ball and did the same against Essendon having 36 hit outs. He also kicked a goal along the way. With Max Gawn now out for a period it looks like this spot is Witts to lose.

Patrick Cripps (Carlton)

Carlton managed their first win since July on Thursday night, a huge achievement for the men under Cripps who have shown plenty of skill and fight but before Thursday just hadn't got the results on the board. Cripps led from the front with 27 touches and six clearances.

Tim Kelly (West Coast)

Kelly spoke during the week about standing up as one of the more experienced players and he did exactly that on the weekend. Hopefully, it's the start of him replicating his Geelong form that saw him get the million-dollar contract. He had 32 touches kicked a goal and gained 520 metres for the Eagles.


Zach Merrett (Essendon), Jake Waterman (West Coast), Jack Steele (St Kilda), Rory Laird (Adelaide).