The scandal surrounding Anna Delvey and her fraudulent art foundation could have faded with each news cycle, but her commitment to fashion throughout her court trial has well and truly elevated Anna Delvey into a pop culture icon.

You may think that after spending the previous several years scamming individuals and hotels for hundreds of thousands of dollars, Anna would have seen her subsequent trial as an opportunity to reflect on the errors of her ways, and the consequences of projecting a persona. However, throughout the trial, Anna doubled down on the persona of a devotedly fashionable fake heiress and gave us all a template for business casual styling.

Anna had several key building blocks for her court outfits: a neutral colour palette; soft fabrics and gentle tailoring; and grounding accessories.

For most of her outfits, Anna stuck to either black or white clothing, with a few camel tops making an appearance. In one particularly bold outfit, Anna brought out a snakeskin dress, perhaps as an allusion to her conspiratorial ways.

These neutral colours provided Anna both the ease of mixing separates, while maintaining a clean and easily definable look. The hallmarks of an iconic character.

Anna was also able to elevate her look from the usual corporate tropes with her use of soft fabrics and feminine styles. In the face of justice, Anna almost appears girlish.

Although Anna wears a few tailored pieces, her most worn court outfits consist of baby-doll-styleoll style dresses.

She has one in white:

And several in black:

The mix of light ruffles and delicate pleats, combined with the mini length, is perhaps more often seen at a casual dinner. However, Anna taunts this limitd vision, and the masculine tailoring tradition of the courtroom with her commitment to the baby-doll. A true girThis baby-dollbaby-doll would not have had the same impact were they not paired with Anna's statement accessthick-rimmedck rimmed pair of black Céline glasses, and the infamous chocker.

If Anna's baby-doll dresses say brunch, those thick rims say business. Whether or not they are prescription frames or merely a stylistic addition, Anna knows the power of accessories. The black frames provide consistency throughout her courtrooms looks and help ground the floaty dresses.

The air of seriousness is also aided by the black ballet flats and sheer tights. Although the stockings are more on the sexy side of sheer, I have no doubt they are Wolford.

The accessory that elevates Anna's looks from merely stylish to iconic is the choker. Whereas a neutral colour palette, black stockings, and prescription frames are not unheard of in the courtroom, Anna's choker is the eccentric touch that has inspired innumerable Halloween outfits.

Moreover, the thin black choker grounds Anna Delvey firmly within social media culture of the 2010s. Who amongst us did not find a random black ribbon and tie it around our necks in an attempt to look edgy in 2016? The choker may not say "I'm innocent" but it sure says "I'm cool on Instagram".

Although Anna has not sported a choker in recent Instagram posts, her Instagram followers currently count 1.1 million, and her enduring place in popular culture is well and truly assured. Next time you are getting ready for a big meeting, why not throw on a choker, and channel the girlboss energy of Art Crimes patron saint, Anna Delvey.

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