Ariana Silver
Ariana Silver is an embarrassed banana milkshake fan, a product of Kiwi parents and a playlist-making procrastinator. She is currently studying for her Bachelor of Media and Communication degree.

Edge of the Crowd's favourite Like A Versions

Music, Published January 27, 2023
The EOTC team break down their favourite LAV covers from 2022.

Diamonds on track for five-series streak after beating Proteas

Netball, Published January 24, 2023
The Australian Diamonds are looking to win their fifth Quad Series in a row against the New Zealand Silver Ferns in the final tomorrow.

Australian Diamonds make first big move of Quad Series

Netball, Published January 22, 2023
After a tightly contested match, Australia top the ladder after beating New Zealand 59 - 57.

Hope D set to tour debut album this Autumn

Music, Published January 18, 2023
Clash of The Substance releases Friday, February 10.

Circa Waves announce debut headline tour 'Going Down Under'

Music, Published January 18, 2023
Circa Waves have previously toured in Australia with fellow beloved English outfits The 1975 and The Wombats.

Edge of the Crowd’s December 2022 Playlist

Music, Published January 2, 2023
Dani and Ariana wrap up 2022 with some of their favourite songs this December.

Stellie blasts off with new single 'Rocket Ship'

Music, Published December 3, 2022
The track is her third new release for the year, ahead of her support slot for Lorde in early 2023.

Edge of the Crowd’s November 2022 Playlist

Music, Published November 30, 2022
Once again, members of the Edge of the Crowd team has combined their interests to create one genre-spanning playlist.
Paige Hadley and Jo Weston control the ball for the Diamonds against the Roses.

Diamonds go five-for-five after England Series

Netball, Published November 3, 2022
It was a dominant first quarter that ultimately won the Australian Diamonds their Brisbane game.

Edge of the Crowd's October 2022 Playlist

Music, Published October 31, 2022
Ariana, Billy and Dani share their songs of the month, mixing new and old, local and international for a jam-packed playlist.

Silver Ferns start strong in the Constellation Cup

Netball, Published October 12, 2022
It was an electric first quarter that set the Silver Ferns up for a win against the Diamonds in Auckland.

Melbourne moves to Muroki

Music, Published October 9, 2022
Following the release of his EP Heading East, Muroki returned to Australia to play for his fans.
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